The group originated with the Lavorazione Sistemi Lasi company incorporated in 1986 based on experiences previously acquired in the electromechanical sub-supply sector where the Famag company has been operating since 1960.

The core business is the production of electronic boards and systems. In 2004, a plant located in Tunisia, joined the main offices in Gallarate to allow customers to produce in a low-cost zone.
LASI WMS was acquired in 2010 to expand the range to the harnesses and moulding world. The service offer was completed in 2015 with the establishment of LASI D&E able to provide product design services.

Across the various companies are the services offered by Famag ranging from the development of automation processes and tests to electromechanical subcontracting, from dedicated purchasing services to customer after-sales support.

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Key Services

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Lavorazione Sistemi Lasi – Key Service Offering

More than 30 years experience in Electronic Manufacturing services

Board Engineering
– Prototyping
– Pre-production series

Board assembly
– BGA, MicroBGA Assy and Rework
– Aluminium base PCB assembly
– 3D SPI Paste Inspection
– X-Ray and Automatic Optical Inspection
– In-Circuit, Functional Testing
– Conformal Coating
– Resin dispensing system
– Press Fit
– Laser-printing, Hot transfer-printing
– Traceability: evidence by board /panel

Board Testing
– In Circuit
– Functional

High flexibility: from small lot to volume production
Lean Manufacturing and 5S methodologies
IPC certified operators

ISO 9001
ISO/TS 16949

Lasi WMS – Key Service Offering

Wiring and Moulding services

– Harnesses assembly
– Cutting-Stripping-Crimping
– Equipped harnesses
– Flat Cable
– Test

Injection Molding
– Development and co-design of contacts and plastic housing for injection molding
– Mold Tools Development and Build Punching

Lasi UTN – Key Service Offering

Low cost manufacturing site

Assembly Operation
– Electronics manual assembly
– Electromechanical assembly
– Harnesses assembly
– System assembly

Test operation
– PCBA ICT and Functional test
– System Final test

Lasi D&E – Key Service Offering

Design and Engineering

Hardware Development
– Product Concept design
– Feasibility analysis
– New product development
– Existing product redesign
– Product cost reduction

– Product performance improvement
– New technologies evaluation

Firmware/software development

Manufacturing and technical support
– Prototyping
– Component sourcing

Famag – Key Service Offering

Automation and Trading

– Automatic Assembly & Test Systems build
– Multi axes Robotics development
– Proprietary Parametric & Functional test
– FTE (Lean production concept)
– Low cost approach

Equipment development
– Laser marking
– Point to Point soldering robot
– Automatic Data Matrix ink jet marker
– RF Automatic test antenna
– AOI for THT, mechanical and special comps
– Conformal Coating Robot System (spray and dispensing)
– Plastic Riveting tools

Traceability System development
– Hardware and Software

Software & Application development
– Factory control

Electromechanics Assembly
– Box Mechanical assembly
– Product test (from simple test bench to analog/digital or power test systems)
– Customer Post Sales services

Purchasing Services
– Product Trading
– Suppliers research
– Market analysis
– Benchmark
– Advanced Purchasing and Logistic support