The SMT production lines are one of the company’s strategic assets.

Since 1986, Lasi has decided to invest in terms of equipment, among the most modern and sophisticated on the market, and in terms of personnel with technicians that have more than ten years of experience in production process application and control. The production lines are dimensioned differently to be able to provide a service that meets the customer’s real quality and economic needs. As to SMD assembly Lasi is able to manage any type of process, from glue dispensing to double reflow on any type of support (epoxy glass, ceramics, etc.)
Testing systems are dimensioned differently according to each customer’s specific needs.

Lasi is able to offer test systems that range from simple test bench with generic instruments to tests performed with specific systems internally designed in cooperation with the Customers, to analog/digital or power functional tests.


Lasi WMS is active in the production of industrial electrical harnesses for various sectors such as automotive, home appliances (white goods), electrical and electronic equipment, vending machines and rail.
Thanks to the large equipment pool, completed and integrated with dimensional and quality controls both on-board and post-process, that allows us to process a virtually complete range of wires and numerous terminals.

Hot marking, inkjet and special labelling process are also available.
A thermoplastic molding department is available to offer complete service, from design to tools builds , up to the production and delivery of products such a: cable guide, cable clamp, plastic houses with pre-assembled cables (overmoulding) to ensure synergy of two technologies to achieve lower cost and better quality.
Lasi WMS constantly seeks new technologies for both production and testing to provide customers with constantly reliable and safe services and products that always meet the agreed and expected quality requirements.


LASI can provide final product assembly and test services (including packaging) thus becoming a partner able to provide everything related to contract production, from material acquisition up to the delivery of the end product, in full observance of the single customer’s specifications and in compliance with best quality standards.


The group’s business boasts the highest industrial traditions and more than forty years of experience.
Management by highly qualified personnel permits various types of assemblies.
Famag is specialised in electromechanical processes to complete even complex electronic devices.Famag provides advanced technology services in the design and realization of industrial automation and robotics systems. Relying on the deep knowledge of production processes, granted by being part of the group, it offers high quality solutions targeting the price/quality ratio.

The skills developed over the years enable Famag to offer an impressive range of solutions such a:
• Robotic cells
• Rotary tables
• Dispensers
• Computer vision
• Laser marking
• Testing systems
• Automatic assembly

The whole project cycle, that starts with the initial consultancy phases, feasibility studies, planning, detailed design, material acquisition up to line installation, is set and defined with high quality standards.
Constant interactions with production processes in the electronics, electromechanical and harnesses sectors allow to the automation team to be constantly updated on the latest market technologies.